Reversible Red/Nude Dot Linen (per 50cm)

Reversible Red/Nude Dot Linen (per 50cm)


This is a double-sided linen woven from four coloured yarns: bright red, optical white, dark brown and pink. One side of the fabric is dark red with small nude dots, the other, nude with red dots. This fabric has been washed with a special method to make it soft, thick and durable.

This is quite a thick cloth, and because it’s reversible, immediately seems perfect for a kimono style coat but will be suitable for other types of clothing too. It would also be nice for other homeware such as towels and throws and of course any crafting or textile project.

The long-established European mill that produces this linen controls the entire process of fabric production, from yarn spinning to weaving to dyeing and finishing. It only works with long flax fibres and almost all of its fabrics are yarn dyed, both of which yield a superior product. It participates in certification that ensures 100% European traceability from field to fabric of finished products.

Care: Machine wash 60 degrees, if needed, iron when damp for best results.

100% linen, 220gsm

137cm wide

NOTE: price is for 50cm but any quantity purchased will be in a single piece.

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