Indigo and Persimmon Dyed Cotton (per 50cm)

Indigo and Persimmon Dyed Cotton (per 50cm)


This is a very special fabric from Japan made by one of the few remaining companies producing fabric with traditional methods.

The material is woven using yarns naturally dyed with indigo and persimmon. The yarns are dyed and dried in the sun to process the colour. The results are influenced by the weather and each batch has its own characteristics. Because of this it is impossible to make large or identical batches.

The fabric is woven using a traditional 1950s style shuttle loom. Variation in the thickness of the warp yield a fabric that has an earthy, uneven texture with a weighty feel. The fabric is woven slowly without a lot of tension. As a result, air is trapped in the cloth which makes the fabric cool in Summer and warm in Winter.  It is designed for daily use and will become softer and more comfortable with age.

This is quite a thick cloth, suitable for heavier clothing like coats jumpsuits and pants, also would make a beautiful cropped top, dress or skirt. It would be perfect for accessories like bags or pouches.  It would be lovely for homeware such as cushion covers and table runners or even light upholstery. This fabric would elevate everyday items such as tea towels and napkins and make them a pleasure to use. It would also great to use in any crafting or textile project.

Care: Hand wash or gentle machine wash. As this is a natural product, some colour may escape during washing so launder separately on first wash and then with like colours after. Gently reshape the fabric when drying.

Width: 110cm

Note: Price is for 50cm of fabric but any quantity purchased will be in a single piece.

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